Swiss army knife in decision support, with data-driven decision-making: Management Information System based on Microsoft Power BI


The experiences of our clients and our own observations show the same thing: the challenges that arise during the operation of private clinics are very complex. For private clinics, efficient decision-making, optimization of resources, and rapid response to changing customer needs are vital. Achieving all this requires management tools that they are able to present not only the current situation, but also future trends and risks.

The collection, analysis and interpretation of data is crucial in these processes. Without it, it is no longer possible to make a well-founded decision. In recent years it is the role of data-driven decision-making has increased, and immediate access to accurate and timely information has become essential for managers. However, managing data is not an easy task; collecting and analyzing often incompatible data from different sources can be a time-consuming and complex task.

In this context, modern management information systems have become an important tool for private clinics to effectively filter, analyze and visualize their data. Using these systems allows managers to better understand the functioning of their institutions, recognize problems and make more informed decisions.

In our case study, we examine in detail how data-driven decision-making can support the operation of private clinics and how the Microsoft Power BI-based Management Information System can help clinics meet the challenges of modern healthcare management.

Problems of our partners

  • Lack of internal transparency: Missing or inaccurate data can be a serious problem for private clinics. Lack of control often leads to increased operating costs and customer dissatisfaction leads Inaccurate or outdated handling of data can make it difficult to make effective decisions and in the long run can lead to a decrease in the organization's credibility.
  • Badly allocated resources: The lack of efficient allocation of resources not only causes financial losses, but can also cause a deterioration in the quality of patient care. Inadequate management of resources can overwhelm colleagues.
  • Wrong marketing decisions: Lack of customer behavioral data can result in mistargeting of marketing campaigns and a decrease in their effectiveness. In the absence of adequate data analysis, the marketing strategy is not able to target the right patients well, which can reduce the patient return rate.
  • Loss of opportunities: Lack of analysis of market trends and competitors can lead to the loss of strategic opportunities. Without understanding the dynamics of the industry and the competitive situation, private clinics cannot identify problems in time and take advantage of growth opportunities, which can create a competitive disadvantage.
  • Fluctuation in the quality of patient care: The lack of data-driven patient care models can lead to fluctuations in the quality of care. Improper or incomplete use of data prevents clinics from providing consistent and high-quality care. In the long term, this can significantly reduce patient satisfaction and damage the reputation of the clinic.

Our solution: the Management Information System

The Medio Management Information System provides an effective solution to support decision-making through a Microsoft Power BI-based platform. The system enables the management to be constantly up-to-date on the operation of their institution:

  • High level visualization: graphic summaries and reports compiled based on your specific needs
  • Integration with other data sources: Collection of data from Google Adwords, Google Analytics, szamlazz.hu, other online billing systems, any other system with a statistical interface
  • Time series studies: bookings, cancellations, rebookings, analysis of the capacity and workload of the services
  • Analysis of marketing and booking activity: individual organizational units of the clinic can also receive real-time information about changes in demand and traffic.

Medio Dashboard

Medio Dashboard is a central control panel that allows our partner institution to easily and efficiently monitor the operational data of the private clinic. The system focuses on:

  • Booking trends (daily, weekly and monthly): Monitor the number of incoming bookings and occupancy trends. It enables the visualization of the evolution of bookings over time, helping the institution to better allocate resources and manage peak periods.
  • Popular specialties and doctors: It allows you to analyze the popularity of individual specialties and doctors. Based on the information, it is easy to make decisions about redeploying staff and other resources or refocusing marketing efforts.
  • Traffic and booking data, graphs and charts: Comprehensive overview of traffic and booking data. By using graphs and charts, the clinic's performance becomes easy to evaluate. Visualizations present complex data in an easily transparent form, thus enabling quick decision-making.
  • Follow changes and trends: In reservations, utilization and other important data. This helps in timely intervention and quick implementation of necessary modifications.
  • Customizability: Users can add or remove measurements, graphs and charts so that the system provides the most accurate information to our partner.


The use of the Medio Management Information System provides many advantages that can significantly contribute to effective decision-making:

  • Reliability: Stable and reliable platform based on Microsoft Power BI, with product support and updates.
  • Quick decision-making: Real-time data helps you make quick and accurate decisions.
  • Cost-efficient: It does not require a significant investment, and it also provides a quick return.
  • Customizability: It is fully customizable and can be integrated with other systems.
  • Mobility: It can be used from any device, further speeding up the decision-making process.


In Hungarian private healthcare, the structured use of generated data is essential for the efficient operation of institutions and the improvement of the quality of patient care. The Medio Management Information System offers an integrated and highly customizable solution for data-driven decision-making.

In this way, the management easily copes with the most common problems that arise during the operation of private clinics, especially the lack of internal transparency, mismanaged resources and wrong marketing decisions. Interactive graphs and customizable charts ensure that physicians and management have up-to-date information on clinical, financial and marketing performance.

In addition, the system's mobility and cost-effective operation allow managers to access data anywhere and at any time, significantly speeding up the decision-making process. Those private clinics that are able to incorporate data-based, structured decision-making into their daily operations can gain a significant advantage over their competitors.. They can improve the quality of care, patient satisfaction and business results.

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