We are sending a detailed quotation according to your specific needs.

After accepting the Price Offer, we will send you an e-mail with the General Terms and Conditions, which you can accept online.

The GTC includes:

  • General framework conditions of cooperation 
  • Description of the general operation of the Medio system
  • The data management rules resulting from the legal relationship between us 
  • The list price of the modules.


By accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the contractual relationship and the user profile in the Medio system are created. 

The Service Agreement regulates our individual agreement, which after the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions on this contract we sign through

If a new system is introduced after signing the Service Agreement, we will issue an invoice for the system setup fee. Uniquely on the market, Medio's system installation fee of 50% is deducted from the subsequent monthly fees!


After setting up, installing and training the Medio system, we will send you an Activation Protocol for the modules used.

The date of the Activation Protocol will be the date of the start of fee payment, so the agreed fees must be paid only from the start of actual use.

The system usage fee paid in advance is deducted proportionally from the monthly fees due.