Management information System

The Medio Digital Clinic helps you make managerial decisions.

  • You can analyze your reservation and capacity planning data in real time with our business intelligence solution
  • You can request graphic summaries
  • You can integrate data from other data sources into the Management Information System: Google Adwords, Google Analytics,, other online invoicing systems, any other system with a statistical interface
  • You can examine reservations, cancellations, rebookings, the capacity and workload of individual services chronologically
  • You can analyze the success and efficiency of your marketing and booking activities
  • Managers of individual organizational units of the clinic can also receive real-time information about changes in demand and traffic

Built-in bank card payment and booking insurance

With Medio Digital Clinic's online payment and booking solution, you can minimize the number of late cancellations and no-shows to almost zero:

  • You can ask for the service fee in advance
  • You can give a discount for online payment
  • You can request reservation insurance when the patient only records card details, thus securing the reservation
  • The system automatically handles cancellations according to the parameters you specify
  • The system monitors the set parameters and if the patient cancels after the deadline or does not show up, the system charges the patient the cancellation fee you set

Administration and reception module

  • Full statistics and tracking, export option
  • You can track your bookings in real time
  • In the case of calls received by phone, booking is recorded and an automatic payment link is sent to the patient, which can be clicked to create the booking after payment
  • Edit doctors and appointments
  • Modification of existing appointments
  • Management of institutional and appearance data
  • Adding, deleting, modifying services
  • The module can be outsourced to partners, so they can book an appointment with you directly

Automatic invoicing

You can ask Medio Digital Clinic to invoice automatically on your behalf, so you no longer have to deal with administration.

  • After the treatment, the system automatically issues the invoice on your behalf, and sends it encrypted (password protected) to the patient according to your unique appearance.
  • The patient can request the bill in another name (e.g.: health fund).
  • You can access your invoices at any time, download them, and create an automatic posting to your accounting system
  • The NAV connection is of course resolved automatically
  • Our partner:

Enhancing customer experience

Medio mobile phone application for all our partners

The Medio mobile phone application takes on your uniquely personalized image:

  • Your patients can easily manage their appointments
  • Your doctors can continuously monitor the appointments booked with them
  • Parameterized notifications and warnings
  • Unique marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Book a new appointment for you without additional registration and login, with just a few clicks

Don't let go of the customer's hand!

Perfectly designed information, warning and document management:

  • Either by e-mail or SMS
  • Send specific e-mail wording for the selected examination, accurately and comprehensively
  • let us inform you of everything so that you can prepare for the examination
  • It is a surprising experience that in many cases receptionists still send out confirmation emails and SMS manually. This is a serious potential for error and unnecessary administration.
  • The same is true for the documents created after the inspection: in more than 70% the surveyed partner institutions, the documents are sent out manually to this day
  • And when analysing the Google reviews, it is clear that the top 3 leading reasons for dissatisfaction are that the patient did not receive their documents on time and therefore had to call the institution several times.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Depending on the doctor, you can request profession-specific feedback from patients, and all this is just a few clicks away.

  • Improving the institution's perception can only be achieved if the institution receives accurate and immediate feedback on the quality of the service
  • You can only improve quality if you can see where you need to intervene in the processes and communication
  • The only tool for this is the customer satisfaction measurement, which is already available in the Medio system
  • Feedback from patients can be requested in several aspects, and these feedbacks greatly help to improve processes and provide the patient with the feeling that he is at the center
  • By measuring customer satisfaction, negative evaluations on social media can be prevented, because it ensures that the patient can share his opinion immediately a few hours after the examination (parameter can be set as desired)