Patient management

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Reception and customer service

The central element of the Medio Digital Clinic is the automation of the reception and customer service processes. By using Medio, processes are speeded up and simplified, and manual processes are performed by the system.

  • Booking multiple tests at the same time
  • Dynamic comparison of the calendars of several doctors and specialties
  • Reservation for a later date
  • Overview calendar, weekly view, daily view, status
  • Management of current bookings, scheduled tasks, coordination table
  • Online payment of telephone reservations
  • Individual medical interface, management of medical rights
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Call center integration

As part of the Medio Digital Clinic with our partner together, we provide a solution that allows incoming phone calls to be identified in Medio's system, so that appointments and bookings are just a few clicks away.

  • In case of incoming calls, display the caller and start a reservation at the press of a button
  • You can manage your online and telephone reservations in one interface

Automated callbacks

Patients arriving the next day no longer need to be notified with time-consuming callbacks, the system does this automatically.

  • Conducting scheduled callbacks based on individual settings
  • Automation of appointment confirmation and cancellation in case of callbacks
  • Individually selectable ringtone, Speech to text, text to speech function
  • The system completes tasks that take several hours a day in just a few minutes

Patient portal

Your patients receive immediate notification of their completed documents, invoices, and findings, which they can access online after strong identification. 

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) 
  • Instant document forwarding, opening and sharing
  • Access to history and previous documents
  • Appointment booking, modification and cancellation management
  • Combining family members and relatives as needed

Filter package module

Using the filter package module, complex, multi-element filter packages can be booked with a few clicks. The algorithm recommends options for booking an appointment based on the set conditions.

  • Flexible filter package assembly and parameterization
  • Management of the priority (order) of examinations 
  • You can even coordinate appointments between multiple locations
  • Individual confirmation email
  • Coordination chart to review patient management

Partner module

With the help of the Partner module, you can connect your reservation system with other providers, employers and other partners who send patients to you. With a few clicks, you can enable which services you accept reservations from your partners for.

  • Involving an unlimited number of partners
  • Automatic accounting statistics creation
  • Commission settlement and individual parameterization per partner

Delivery and management

With the help of Medio, you can easily send your patients in full synchronization with your HIS system. You can deliver with a mobile application or contactless QR code technology

  • Patient management and serial number system integration
  • Electronic signature, document digitization
  • Mobile application and central screen management within an institution
  • Advanced patient recognition algorithm, patient trunk maintenance in full synchronization with the HIS system

Other functions

Customer satisfaction measurement

Based on a unique point system, you can assess the satisfaction of your customers and receive first-hand feedback on the operation of your institution.


Based on a unique point system, you can assess the satisfaction of your customers and receive first-hand feedback on the operation of your institution.

Referral doctors

The system records if a doctor referred the patient and can also calculate a commission.

Order utilization

Accurate measurement of clinic utilization and occupancy, synchronization of clinics and doctor's orders.

Google and Outlook calendar integration

Full Google and Outlook calendar integration.