How to provide extra service? With a mobile app and the digital arrival of patients!


We live in a digital world where the Internet, mobile applications and smart devices are already an integral part of our lives. In this rapidly changing environment, customer habits, customer expectations and business models are constantly evolving. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the mere availability of services or products; OK speed, convenience, personalization and seamless experience are expected.

Of course, Hungarian private healthcare cannot be left out of this trend either. The relationship between patients and private clinics, which once took place exclusively within the walls of clinics and hospitals, is now increasingly taking on digital dimensions. The doctor-patient relationship, diagnostic processes, appointment booking and countless other activities go beyond the traditional framework. The way health care is used has changed radically, and this raises new questions, but also creates new opportunities.

But what exactly are these challenges? How can the fast and seamless solution that users expect from quality service providers in other industries be provided in the medical sector as well? How can you book an appointment in a more efficient and user-friendly way than traditional websites? How do outdated websites affect patient trust and what can we do about it?

The answers are neither simple nor clear cut. The particularities of the healthcare sector, its regulations, ethical standards and the special needs of patients are all factors that make the exact answer complicated. At the same time, the development of technology makes it possible for the systems developed entirely to solve the problems of Hungarian private healthcare to solve the problems raised.


In the Hungarian private healthcare sector, digital technologies spread more slowly than in other industries until the start of the coronavirus epidemic, but now the sector is facing the following problems:

  • Mobile app is the new "website": Traditional websites are no longer enough, as users easily get lost or wander off to other sites.
  • Outdated design and functionality: An outdated appearance can reduce trust in the service.
  • Many competitors already have mobile apps: This is a serious competitive disadvantage for those who do not follow the trends.
  • Developing a custom mobile application is expensive and time-consuming: This often hinders innovation.


We have good news: it is also possible to provide extra services in Hungarian private healthcare: with a mobile app and digital delivery options. The following features and solutions help modernize the relationship and communication between patients and healthcare providers:

  1. Synergy with the existing reservation system: The new mobile app is closely integrated with the already existing booking system. As a result, patients can easily move between the two systems, while healthcare providers do not lose data or information. The two systems reinforce each other, ensuring a smooth transition between the digital and traditional experience.
  2. Ease of use and better customer experience: We designed the mobile app to be easy to use and transparent, even for less technically savvy users! Thanks to intensive user testing, the app is intuitive and user-friendly, reducing patient frustration and increasing the customer experience.
  3. Loyalty card, dates, blog, slider: Information and services are available in one place, so patients can easily access their appointments, health information, news and special offers. Loyalty card integration enables the creation of loyalty programs, which can contribute to customer retention.
  4. Personalized messages and QR code reading function: The mobile app allows you to send personalized push messages to inform patients about upcoming appointments or important news, for example. And the QR code reading function makes the arrival process seamless, allowing quick and easy check-in and access to appointments.

Together, these solutions form a platform that significantly improves the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. By closely aligning technology, design and customer experience, the whole process becomes simpler, faster and more pleasant for both parties. The new system not only meets the expectations of patients, but also helps healthcare providers to remain competitive in a market where technology plays an increasingly important role.


The mobile app and digital delivery solution we offer offer many advantages:

  1. Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty: The user-friendly mobile app and the simple booking process improve patient satisfaction, which increases their loyalty in the long run. Satisfied patients are more likely to return and recommend the service to their friends.
  2. Competitive advantage over providers with outdated technology: A modern, mobile-friendly interface and digital arrival options are a competitive advantage that separates the service from technologically lagging competitors.
  3. Reduced churn and increased conversion rate: The easy-to-use mobile app and integrated appointment booking system minimize churn and increase conversion rates as patients can book appointments quickly and easily.
  4. Strengthened brand identity and market presence: The unique and innovative mobile app offers the opportunity to highlight the personality and values of the brand, strengthening the market presence and the relationship with customers.
  5. Cost-effectiveness in marketing activities with push messages: Personalized push messages enable targeted communication with patients without the need for expensive external advertising campaigns. This can significantly reduce marketing costs.
  6. Multi-channel access for users: The combination of mobile app, website and physical interaction offers a multi-channel access point for patients, maximizing convenience and reach.
  7. Modern and innovative image on the market: The mobile app and digital delivery options give the service a modern and innovative image, which can make it more attractive to technologically conscious patients.
  8. Fast and smooth customer journey from booking an appointment to arrival: From booking an appointment to arrival, the mobile app allows patients to easily and seamlessly follow the entire process.

The listed advantages clearly highlight that the mobile app and digital arrival options do not only serve convenience aspects, but can also create significant business value. Innovation, continuous connection with patients and thus building a competitive advantage are key factors in today's technology-driven private healthcare market.


The use of mobile applications and digital devices in Hungarian private healthcare not a luxury, but a necessity. Responses to new technological challenges allow service providers to provide an outstanding customer experience while strengthening their market position. The future of healthcare lies in digital transformation.

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