Management Information System

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Management information System

The Medio management information system ensures that you are always up-to-date on the operation of your institution.

  • Graphic summaries and statements compiled based on your unique needs
  • You can integrate your other data sources with the Management Information System: Google Adwords, Google Analytics,, other online invoicing systems, the data of any other system with a statistical interface.
  • You can examine reservations, cancellations, rebookings, the capacity and workload of individual services chronologically
  • You can analyze the success and efficiency of your marketing and booking activities
  • Managers of individual organizational units of the clinic can also receive real-time information about changes in demand and traffic

More features


Complete, all-encompassing time series statistics, which can be downloaded at any time in xls and csv format.

Settlement between partners

With a few clicks, you can create a complete settlement with your doctors and other partners who refer patients to you.

Individual needs and market analyses

Your management information system can be expanded according to your specific needs, even with market analyses.