How can I make phone reservations even more efficient?


Is it not efficient enough to make reservations over the phone? Is requesting data by phone not fast enough and causing a lot of problems for the reception? Human touch and innovative technology are the solution.

One of the biggest dilemmas of professionals managing Hungarian private clinics is that telephone contact with patients suffers from countless shortcomings. Telephone reservations make the work of receptionists more difficult.

Lengthy reconciliation of the data is complicated, and it often happens that the data is recorded incorrectly. Choosing the right time can take more time, which can waste a lot of useful time for both patients and private clinic staff. These problems can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

The Medio Digital Clinic handles the deficiencies has put together a complete set of solutions.


Difficult and lengthy data request

  • the depth of the problem: It takes time for receptionists to get all the necessary information from patients, and this can delay the booking of other patients.
  • potential errors: Errors made during the data request may cause confusion during subsequent bookings.

Frequent bad data recording

  • the importance of data quality: Inaccuracies and inaccuracies can cause serious problems, for example, wrong dates or locations are recorded.

It takes a long time to find the optimal time

  • loss of time: Finding the optimal time can be time-consuming for both the patient and the receptionist, and this is frustrating for both parties.

It takes a long time to train the employee who operates the phone

  • training and onboarding: Mastering the skills of the phone booking process can take time and affect the overall efficiency of the front desk, the call center, and therefore the private clinic.

It is not possible to pay online with the customer

  • payment limits: Telephone reservations do not allow immediate online payment, which can further complicate the process.


With the help of our solutions, the efficiency of telephone reservations can be significantly increased. Automated and integrated tools make the work of receptionists easier, increase patient satisfaction, and enable fast and accurate bookings.

With a unified, technology-driven approach, phone bookings not only become more efficient, but also provide a more pleasant experience for patients and staff. And the savings in time and resources can improve the operation of the entire healthcare facility.

Daktela integration

  • phone number identification: Real-time phone number identification to speed up phone reservations.
  • intelligent patient recommendation: Automated recommendations based on patient preferences.

Find the earliest available time

  • accelerated process: The one-click solution saves time.

Adding a pre-selected doctor, profession and service

  • centralized information: The necessary information is easily accessible, so the receptionists do not have to remember everything.

Administrative assistance for more complex orders

  • expert support: Expert help for more complex bookings.

Online payment of a telephone reservation

  • convenient payment options: The online payment option for telephone reservations simplifies the payment process.

Subsequent data request

  • patient-directed data filling: Patients can add information at their own convenience, further reducing the time required on the phone.

Goal: balance

Increasing the efficiency of telephone reservations is not only a matter of technological development. The solutions presented here strike a balance between the human touch and innovative technology, which together result in a much smoother and more efficient booking process.

The development of telephone reservations shows our Partners how to combine the human factor and technology in an integrated, patient-friendly system. The solutions presented here are at the service of patients, clinical staff and business strategy at the same time.

What's coming:
We constantly test solutions that solve customer service tasks in their entirety, without human intervention. The system will be able to answer questions, orient patients, book appointments, manage cancellations and fill empty places. The future has begun, it's only a matter of time.

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