This is how we increase the proportion of online bookings to up to 50%!


One of the biggest problems of Hungarian private clinics is overloaded reception. Is the reception and the call center separate? If not, the receptionist deals with each customer. If so, then the overflowing calls at peak times end up at the reception desk, which the call center just can't pick up...

How much time does the reception staff spend taking reservations over the phone? Maybe too much? A member of staff can only handle one patient's booking at a time, and this is only possible during opening hours. What happens if a patient calls late at night or their call is not answered?

There is only one optimal option: The proportion of online bookings must be increased!


The reception is overloaded with telephone reservations
Phone booking overload is a fundamental and serious problem in most private clinics. Let's see why this might be a problem:

  • capacity constraints: Phone calls are usually time-consuming, and in many cases the receptionists have to answer a wide range of questions from patients. Too many calls can easily exceed the capacity of the reception, while they also have to deal with patients who check in in person.
  • decrease in service quality: If the reception staff is overworked, the quality of service may also decrease, resulting in dissatisfied customers.
  • neglecting other tasks: Due to too many telephone reservations, receptionists can neglect other daily tasks that are essential for smooth operation.

A receptionist can only handle one patient's reservation at a time
This clearly identifiable limitation further exacerbates the problem of overload:

  • long waiting time: Patients have to wait a long time for the receptionist to become available, which can cause frustration.
  • the frequency of errors may increase: Under pressure and pressure, receptionists may make mistakes in recording reservations, which can lead to chaos and further problems.

Telephone reservations are only possible during opening hours
Reservations can only be made during the active operating hours of the private clinic:

  • limited availability: Patients who cannot book an appointment during opening hours due to work or other obligations may be lost to the clinic
  • missed bookings: If the patient cannot reach the reception within the opening hours, the booking will not be made, resulting in a loss of revenue.

The above problems, together or separately, can be a serious challenge for the reception colleagues and the entire clinic. Increasing online bookings is one of the possible solutions that can alleviate these problems.

What causes these problems?

The problems can be traced back to a single reason: the number and proportion of online appointments that patients can make at any time is low. This is, of course, a complex problem resulting from technological, informational, security and personal factors, but its understanding and management can increase the number and share of online bookings, improve patient satisfaction and reduce the workload at the reception desk.

1. Technological limitations:

  • lack of system: The private clinic may not have an online booking system that allows patients to book themselves.
  • user-friendliness gaps: If there is a system but it is overly complicated or difficult to use, patients will not bother to learn how it works and will prefer to book over the phone.

2. Information gaps:

  • unfamiliarity with the system: Patients may simply not know that online booking exists or may not understand how it works.
  • missing instructions: If there are no clear instructions or help to use the system, patients feel uncomfortable and shy away from using it.

3. Lack of trust and data protection concerns:

  • mistrust of new technology: For some patients, the online booking system may be foreign and they prefer the usual telephone method.
  • privacy concerns: Patients may have concerns about the security of the online booking system and the protection of their data.

4. Personal preferences and abilities:

  • lack of technological skills: For patients who are older or less technologically savvy, using the system may be challenging.
  • preference for face-to-face contact: Some patients may prefer face-to-face contact and reject online options.


The solution is simple: the number and share of online bookings must be increased!

The modules of the Medio Digital Clinic offer a powerful, integrated solution, thus improving the efficiency of our private clinic partners and the satisfaction of their patients. Automated online bookings, dynamic pricing, immediate appointment display and individual data management all contribute to smooth, patient-centric service.

Booking an appointment from a price list - Webapi module
Our module automates the appointment booking process, making online bookings easier:

  • Automation: The booking process is completely online, which makes booking faster and easier for patients.
  • Integration with the price list: Patients can directly choose from available services and prices and book an appointment immediately.
    Flexible: Patients can book anytime, anywhere, without having to make an appointment over the phone.
    Time saving: It also saves time for reception staff by reducing the need for telephone bookings.

Dynamic pricing module
Our module optimizes the schedule of the calendar with the help of dynamic pricing:

  • Demand-based pricing: Prices may vary based on demand for time slots, so you may receive higher prices during peak times and lower prices during less popular times.
    Optimum schedule: It helps to distribute appointments evenly, avoiding overcrowding and empty periods.
    Savings for patients: Patients can book cheaper if they are willing to choose less popular times.

Built-in calendar module
Our module is used for immediate time display:

  • real-time availability: Patients can see which appointments are available and book immediately.
  • simplified Process: Instant appointment display makes it easier for patients to choose and increases the rate of online bookings.
  • integrated solution: It can be integrated into the facility's website or application, ensuring a unified user experience.

Unique data
The collection and management of individual data increases planning and fluidity:

  • record specific needs: Patients can record their specific needs and requests so staff can prepare in advance.
  • data-driven decision-making: Unique data enables refinement of planning and management, on the basis of which better decisions can be made.
  • customer satisfaction: Taking individual needs and preferences into account improves the patient experience, which has a positive effect on the treatment of the disease and the return.


Increasing online bookings clearly helps to reduce the workload of receptionists and call center staff. With the help of our modules, you can achieve greater efficiency and optimal operation, which results in a better use of the workforce and makes the booking process simpler for patients. Using our 21st century technology, increasing the share of online bookings is not only possible, but also beneficial: both for the patients and the clinic.

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