Payment statuses

general description

With the help of the new function, paid reservations recorded by reception users can now be managed more easily. For this purpose, the payment statuses.


Pending bookings are hereinafter:

  • All paid examinations booked by the reception are entered into the system as full-value reservations.
  • These reservations "payment pending" they get status.
  • It is not possible to record another reservation for a reservation with this status.
  • It is also marked in gray in others.
  • The payment status can be changed.
  • It is recorded in the medical system.
  • The "payment pending" status reservations automatically cancelled according to the setting.
  • The automatic cancellation time can be set per test.

Payment statuses

The payment statuses can be used to track the payment status of reservations.

When a paid reservation is recorded on the admin interface, it is automatically "payment pending" status. If the patient pays online, it is automatically switched "paid online" status.

This status cannot be changed later!

One contingent paymentstatus of a reservation can be changed at any time.

Payment statuses:

  • Payment pending –» In the case of booking a paid examination from the Admin system.
  • Paid online – » Automatically, for all online payments
  • Paid by transfer - » Can be changed manually - on the Admin interface
  • Paid on site – » Can be changed manually – on the Admin interface
  • Not paid –» Automatically, in case of cancellation by the system
  • Payment upon examination –» Automatically, for examinations with on-site payment.

Study setup

A new parameter can be set for each online paid test: Holding a reservation

Here, you can specify in hours how long the system should keep a pending reservation. If you do not change your payment status within the specified time from the date of the reservation, the reservation will be automatically canceled. In this case, the reservation and the new cancellation status will be “Canceled - no payment” will be.

Default setting: 12 o'clock

Example: If this parameter is 12 hours, the patient has 12 hours to pay for the examination online. If you don't, the appointment will be automatically canceled after 12 hours.

Email notifications

Email notifications have also been changed in the system.

In the future, 3 new emails were introduced:

  • Pending reservation
  • Payment reminder
  • Cancel pending reservation

Pending reservation

In the case of a paid examination, an email sent containing the unique link required for payment. .

Payment reminder

The reminder email 2 hours the automatic cancellation will be sent before

Cancel pending reservation

The email will be sent if the status of the payment has not changed.


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