Statistics module


In this menu item, you can view all the reservations that have been made to the institution, regardless of whether the patient arrived online, from the reception interface, or from a traffic channel. 


In the statistics menu, you can look back at your bookings at any time and find out about everything that the patient has entered in relation to a given booking. 

Tip: Give reception and call center employees access to the statistics module, since they can find information about the status of the reservation, cancellation time, etc. from here.

You can retrieve the statistics in several ways:

  • Date of reservation,
  • By appointment.

You may need it 

  • All transactions, 
  • According to transactions sent by partners.

Accordingly, it is necessary to set the period. 

If you have several institutions, you can decide here whether you want to view the statistics of the currently selected institution or the statistics of all institutions assigned to you.

By clicking on "Columns", you can choose which statistical data to display or download them in the indicated formats (CSV, Excel). With the "Columns: all" menu item, you can display all the columns of the table. By filling in the "Search" field, you can filter according to the data of any column. Yellow lines indicate canceled or modified reservations.

You can visualize the results by selecting "Graph view".

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