Overview calendar


Here you can see the appointments for the selected doctors and specialties in daily resolution, even retroactively.


By clicking the "Update" button, the calendar is updated, i.e. if a doctor's calendar changes in the meantime, it will also be included in the overview calendar with the update button.

Use the arrows to change which day you see in the calendar.

By clicking on the "TODAY" button, the calendar navigates you to today.

By clicking on the Date icon, a pop-up calendar will appear, where you can not only move forward/backward by days, but you can also view the status of the calendar up to a year in advance.

By clicking on the "Note" button under the doctor's name, you can write a note to the doctor for the given day, if there is already a note, the text will turn red, you can read/modify the note by clicking on it again.

If you click on an empty, white rectangle under a doctor in the calendar (for appointments that can be booked, not in the past), you must choose an appointment after selecting the examination. After the selected examinations, the dates appear above the doctors' names, followed by the "Start booking” button to start booking the dates

If you click on an unavailable, gray field at a bookable (non-past) date, you can make a VIP reservation after specifying the test and the start of the test. Here you have to pay attention to enter a time where the minutes end at 0 or 5! (E.g. 11:05, 11:15, 11:50, etc.)

By clicking on a reserved time, you can book an examination for it or delete the reservation.

If you click on an already booked appointment, the “Booking Details" window.


By clicking the "Settings" button, the following window will appear:

Here, you can show or hide all doctors in the calendar at the same time with the "Show all doctors" and "Hide all doctors" buttons.

If you want to hide or show them one by one, click on their name or in the check box next to their name.

You can search among doctors in the search field under "Search by name".

You can also narrow down the results by type of care (adult/pediatric medicine) and specialty.

If you want to save the current calendar settings, click the “Save active filters and doctors” button, so that even if you exit the menu, your settings will remain.

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