Booking details


On the reservation details interface, you can check the data, edit the patient, and modify the reservation.  


If you click on an already booked appointment, you can view the details of the reservation as follows:

By clicking on the "Resend" button, you can resend the confirmation email to the patient.

THE "Edit patient” button, you can edit the patient's data.

You can set the status of the reservation in the Reservation details.

Booking statuses are shown in “Institutions” menu item at the given institution, in the “Other information (optional)” block.

You can cancel the appointment by clicking the "Cancel" button. When you press the button, you will be greeted by the following window, on which you must choose from among the reasons for cancellation, as well as decide whether the patient will be notified of the cancellation. 

After pressing the "Change" button, you can choose from available times. 

By clicking on one of the appointments, you can decide whether the patient will be notified of the appointment change, or you can go back by pressing the no button.

By clicking on the "VIP reservation" button, you can make a reservation for the already booked appointment by selecting an examination.

You can save your changes by pressing the "Save" button. 

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