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The basic question of our case study: how to make our marketing activities measurable by linking ads and bookings?

In Hungarian private healthcare, modern technology plays an increasingly important role in reaching patients. With the continuous development of technology, it is essential for private healthcare players to take advantage of online marketing tools for success. However, these tools not only create new opportunities, but also create new challenges.

The transition from the offline world to the online space is not an easy process. Success achieved with traditional marketing tools does not guarantee online success at all. The dynamic development of online marketing sets complex measurement and follow-up expectations, otherwise the effective operation of online marketing cannot be ensured.

But what happens when traditional offline marketing tools no longer bring enough traffic and the focus should shift to online marketing?

How will the results of digital campaigns change due to GDPR, Facebook and Apple privacy restrictions?

How can marketing activity be made measurable if even identifying the busiest channels is a challenge?

Solution: measure, measure, measure!

In order to make the relationship between private clinics and patients even closer, marketing tools must not only be effective, but also measurable. Lack of measurability results in wasted marketing budgets because decision makers don't get a true picture of which campaigns are producing the best results. The transparency and measurability the key to healthcare marketing success.

It provides for this complete solution system the Medio Digital Clinic.


  • Significant resources are required to acquire patients, which is particularly challenging for private clinics. How can we change the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the marketing strategy with online tools?
  • Traditional offline marketing tools no longer bring enough traffic, so you have to focus on online marketing. Why is this transition necessary and how should it be implemented?
  • Online marketing tools have limited measurability due to GDPR, Facebook and Apple regulations. What steps can be taken to improve measurability, even with current restrictive regulations?
  • It is not possible to reliably track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns if we do not know the busiest channels. How can we monitor and analyze the results and effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

Below we present the solutions that our private clinic partners can use to solve these problems and optimize their marketing budgets so that they don't waste money on ineffective campaigns.


We have some sad news: the success of healthcare marketing no longer depends only on creativity and innovative ideas. To achieve success, you need accurate data, with the help of which we can gain deeper insight into consumer behavior and tailor campaigns more effectively. The UTM parameters and GA4 integration they contribute significantly to this process, enabling better measurement and analysis of performance.

A Medio Digitális Klinika több megoldást kínál az online marketing mérhetőségének javítására. Kifejlesztettünk ugyanis egy olyan rendszert, amely képes a források visszakövetésére és a kampányok teljesítményének elemzésére, még a legnagyobb forgalmat generáló csatornák azonosítása nélkül is. Ez segít abban, hogy magánklinikai partnereink optimalizálják marketing költségvetésüket, és ne égessék el a rendelkezésre álló keretet eredménytelen, minimális forgalmat generáló kampányokra.

Storage of UTM parameters

The Medio system is now able to store UTM parameters, which means that the performance of advertising campaigns and traffic sources can be easily tracked.

The following parameters are stored:

  • utm_source: source of traffic (e.g. Facebook)
  • utm_medium: the intermediary tool (e.g. email, PPC)
  • utm_campaign: the name of the specific campaign
  • utm_term: the keywords or phrases targeted by the campaign
  • utm_content: description of the specific content of the ad (e.g. image, text)

What does this mean in reality?

UTM parameters can be used to determine, for example, that a specific reservation came from the Facebook summer campaign, in which the image of the smiling woman and the arrow-style text were clicked.

GA4 integration and GA e-commerce flow

The integration with the Google Analytics 4 statistical system and the e-commerce flow provide additional depth and flexibility in data analysis.

  • Understanding: Enables a deeper understanding of visitor behavior and interaction.
  • Detailed analysis: We can also analyze the number and value of bookings, tests and behavior patterns in detail.
  • Conversion paths: With the help of paths, we can determine how users get to a specific inquiry and finally to a successful booking.
  • Fogyasztói viselkedés: Analizálható a felhasználók tevékenységének minden lépése a sikeres foglalásig, valamint az esetleges megszakítások oka.
  • Customization: It is possible to fine-tune marketing campaigns and website content, adapted to user needs.
  • ROI measurement: ROI (Return-On-Investment) can be used to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and determine the most effective strategies.


  • More effective campaigns: With the help of stored data, marketing campaigns can be planned and optimized more precisely.
  • Greater revenue: Even with the same marketing costs, revenue can increase thanks to more targeted ads.
  • A more complete picture of patients: With the help of UTM parameters and GA4 integration, we can get a more complete picture of patients, enabling the provision of better service.

The application of the Medio system, UTM parameters and GA4 integration therefore not only represents technological progress, but also a step towards modern, data-driven healthcare marketing. For healthcare clinics and providers, success no longer depends only on imaginative campaigns, but also on how effectively they can track, measure and interpret data to continuously refine their strategy.

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