What is the ideal Private Clinic in 2022?

Medio Digital Clinic's partners have all the tools at their disposal to perform ideal operations!

Our Partners have spent a lot of resources and development in recent years to build automated, digital and online systems. In our partner relationships, we clearly see which is the best practice and where there is still room for improvement.

When we start the conversation with our future partner, we examine the institution in five dimensions:

  1. Website and online booking
  2. Reception and customer service
  3. Cooperation with doctors
  4. Cooperation with customers
  5. Management information

During our discussions, negotiations and active cooperation, the model of the ideal private clinic was formed.

1. Website and online booking

  • The website is simple, to the point and clear to customers. It includes the necessary measurement systems, is SEO-friendly and the Google advertising system is integrated for the appropriate measurements.
  • The website offers the same or better experience on a mobile phone than on desktop.
  • A full online reservation system is in place.
  • On the main page, the booking button is highlighted or always visible.
  • The booking button directs you to the call center or booking system.
  • You can easily book using both the specialty and service selector.
  • You can even book immediately from the doctor's profile.
  • You can even book from the price list.
  • During the reservation, you can also see all doctors and available appointments for an examination.
  • The online record synchronises the data with the HIS system in real time. No two bookings can be finalised for the same appointment.

2. Reception and customer service

  • Reservations are made in a separate call center.
  • It is possible to apply a booking fee to certain services or to all services.
  • The on-site booking process is done in the same system and process as booking through the call center.
  • The care organizers automatically book an appointment, about which the case managers receive e-mail information.
  • Reservations are recorded in a real-time synchronizing online system that works integrated with the HIS system.
  • The clinic operates an automatic entry control, queue numbering and call-in system
  • Reservations will be statused upon arrival.
  • No-shows are marked and recorded.
  • During delivery, the documents are filled out on a tablet and are automatically stored.
  • The incoming documents must be filled out once, those who have already visited the clinic only need to fill in the documents for the given service.
  • The signed documents are stored securely and traceably online.
  • There is a device suitable for digital signature.
  • The customer's data is entered from the booking system into the HIS system.
  • The client receives his own documents delivered to his client portal - and, if required, the clinic will print them out for him.

3. Cooperation with doctors

  • Doctors manage their own appointments in the doctor module of the booking system.
  • Doctors are automatically informed by e-mail and SMS about the start of the appointment time.
  • Before the day of the appointment, doctors know exactly how many patients will come to them on a given day, and they can also view the patients' data.
  • Doctors do not have a problem if the appointment changes, because they are informed about this.
  • The services are submitted for invoicing online, everything is documented.

4. Cooperation with customers

  • Are customers notified of bookings and cancellations by e-mail and/or SMS?
  • The clinic applies a booking fee for certain services or all services.
  • The no-show rate and the rate of late cancellations are below 3% in total
  • The clinic uses an online customer satisfaction measurement, which is also evaluated automatically.
  • Their online ads point to their own website.
  • Return customer rate exceeds 30%.

5. Management information

  • The institutional management operates a management dashboard system = Management Information System, on which all business, marketing and reservation information are available and can be analyzed chronologically.
  • Management can compare marketing expenses with reservation and income data in an online system.
  • Management can measure attrition according to different dimensions.
  • From the management system, the management sees the utilization of doctors, clinics, and services and their daily, weekly, and monthly changes.
  • There is no data that management cannot access from the online management information system.
  • The display of individual data considered sensitive can be set according to the authorization of the various management members.
  • Management knows exactly how much it cost to acquire a new customer, even on a daily basis.
  • Clinic staff are aware that management sees all management information.

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