How to Increase Patient Turnover?

Increasing patient turnover has always been a difficult issue, for the following reasons:

  • Marketing costs are always limited.
  • Social media is too noisy with health ads.
  • The "Google Universe" is more and more expensive due to mutual bidding.
  • Health ads have a very poor reputation on social media ("why did I pay for social security until now..." , "it is a robbery..." etc...)

In developing Medio, in addition to providing accurate online marketing measurement and tracking the entire conversion process, we focused on solutions that can effectively address these challenges. 

  1. Medio traffic channels

The aim of developing Medio traffic channels was to provide access to the major patient journey management channels in the healthcare market from a consistent panel. These channels are capable of handling high volumes of patient turnover without upfront costs and manual administration. All traffic is handled online and automatically. The available traffic channels are:

Insurance benefit managers:

  • Teladoc Hungary
  • Union Érted
  • Europ Assistance
  • Prémium Ellátásszervező

Health funds:

  • Prémium Health Fund

Health platforms:

  • hazipatika.com
  • webbeteg.hu
  • dokio.hu
  • foglaljorvost.hu
  • LMDoki

Based on the experience of our partners, these traffic channels provide a significant increase in patient traffic once set up. For new institutions, an overall increase in traffic of 20-25% can be observed after activation of the traffic channels. For institutions where care management by phone was already in place, we have achieved similar efficiency improvements by now organising these patient journeys online and automatically, as opposed to the previous phone calls. 

  1. Online marketing optimization

The basic principle of online marketing is measure -> analyse -> optimise -> feedback. However, in the case of clinical bookings, it has not been possible to measure accurately, as the vast majority of ads have only directed visitors to the website. 

But with Medio, the total booking turnover, including basket value, can be measured, so you can see exactly where bookings are coming from and how much actual booking value is being generated per unit of marketing spending. You can see the bottlenecks, where and why visitors leave the site, so you can improve your processes.

Thanks to the measurement, the targeting of online marketing improves, and the booking conversion is maximized thanks to the continuous feedback. The result of this is the decreasing cost of customer acquisition.

The picture that emerges from our partner interviews so far is that the cost of customer acquisition is reduced by 5-7%, which can add up yearly a significant amount to the overall marketing budget. 

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