How to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

A returning patient is the best patient. And a satisfied patient will have their next check-up with us. Based on an analysis of data from 250+ institutions using Medio, we have explored how and in what ways Medio can support the "patient life journey". 

  1. Online calendar appointment

We leave it up to the patient to choose the time that suits him, and we keep this time, i.e. realtime updated calendar use to make an appointment. In this way, we give the patient a sense of freedom, who will make a decision more easily if the appointment can be planned in advance and not only known after the phone call. 

However, this requires the correct and thorough placement on the website, the aim of which is to maximize booking conversion. 

In our experience, a built-in booking system according to the guidelines of Medio's team of experts increased the online booking propensity by an average of 19%.

  1. Information, warning and document management

Once an appointment has been booked, it is of the utmost importance not to let go of the patient's handSend a specific e-mail for the chosen examination, providing accurate and comprehensive information, letting the patient to prepare for the examination.

It is a surprising experience that in many cases receptionists still send out confirmation emails and SMS manually. This is a serious potential for error and unnecessary administration. 

The same is true for documents generated after an examination. In more than 70% (!!!) of the partner institutions surveyed, documents are still sent manually. 

And when analysing the Google reviews, it is clear that the top 3 leading reasons for dissatisfaction are that the patient did not receive their documents on time and therefore had to call the institution several times. 

With Medio, these operations can be almost completely automated, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction. An additional benefit is that on average 1-8 hours of working time can be saved per day, depending on the size of the clinic.

  1. Customer satisfaction measurement

Improving the image of an institution can only be achieved if it receives accurate and immediate feedback on the quality of its service. Quality can only be improved if it is clear where processes and communication need to be improved. 

The only tool to do this is customer satisfaction measurement, which is already available in the Medio system. This allows feedback to be requested from patients on a number of aspects, and this feedback can greatly help to improve processes and give the patient a sense of being at the centre of attention.

Customer satisfaction measurement can prevent negative reviews on social media by giving the patient the opportunity to express their opinion immediately after the test (adjustable if they wish). 

With the customer satisfaction survey available in Medio, you can ask patients for profession-specific feedback that varies from doctor to doctor, and it's just a few clicks away.

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