Unique mobile application

The documentation below details the data required to set up the mobile application available in Medio's service package.

The unique mobile application will be published in the AppStore and the Play Store.

In order for the publishing process of the mobile application to be smooth, the following elements are required from the customer:

  1. App name

You can give the application a unique name, and it will appear in the menu of your phone. (e.g. Medio)

  1. Logo/Icon

The application requires an icon, which will also appear in the menu of our phone. It is important that the logo is easy to interpret and striking.

Icon expectations: 

  • PNG format
  • With and without background
  • 1024*1024px resolution

  1. Launch screen / Splash screen

For a good appearance, we recommend that the image of the start screen is also provided in lossless PNG format, any image can be placed here, the simplest is a centered logo, but it is also possible to insert a completely unique background image.

The expected format is:

  • PNG file extension
  • For iOS, for the following sizes:
    • 1242*2688px
    • 828*1792px
    • 1125*2436px
    • 1242*2208px
    • 750*1334px
    • 640*960px
    • 640*1136px
  • For Android, to the following size:
    • 960*1600px
  1. Descriptions of the application

For AppStore:

  • Promotional text (this text appears in the section above the description (max. 170 characters):

 news and promotions can be published in this field.

  • Description (max. 4000 characters):

 it is worth entering the functions and advantages of the application in this field.

  • Keywords:

keywords describing the application should be entered in this field, keywords make searchability in the AppStore more effective.

For Play Store:

  • Short description (max. 80 characters):

a short description of the application can be inserted into this field, the full description will appear after opening it

  • Long description (max. 4000 characters):

a description of the application can be inserted in this field

  • YouTube link:

if there is a demonstration video, it can be inserted into the Play Store

  1. Pictures

For AppStore:

A minimum of 1 maximum of 10 images can be uploaded to the AppStore. These must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format, the format we recommend is PNG. In the case of the AppStore, it is necessary to create the graphics in three different resolutions, so that the image appears in the AppStore in the appropriate sizes on the supported devices.

These graphics must definitely include a screenshot from the application. This screenshot can be placed in a mockup or in front of some graphics.

6.5” (iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR)1284*2778px
5.8” (iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone X)1170*2532px
5.5" (iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus)1242*2208px

For Play Store:

A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 images can be uploaded to the Play Store. Google's recommendation is that the dimensions of the given image should be a minimum of 320px and a maximum of 3840px. Our recommendation is to create graphics with a resolution of 1080*1920px in JPEG or 24-bit PNG formats.

These graphics must definitely include a screenshot from the application. This screenshot can be placed in a mockup or in front of some graphics.

  1. Tracking codes

The tracking codes necessary for effective marketing of the application are embedded after the application is completed.

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