Part of Medio's digital clinic package are API endpoints with which you can keep your website and the specialty, service, doctor and institutional data in Medio's system constantly synchronized.

To generate the token required to access the API, you must subscribe to the Web API service. The token is issued by https://medicall.cc/idopontfoglalas/internal/developer page, you can request it by clicking the Generate Token button. In all cases, the token is tied to an institution, so it will only authenticate the given institution. If we want to display the data of several institutions, they must be assigned to the collector institution and a token must be generated for the collector institution. In this case, the answer will return with the data of the institutions assigned to the collector.

Return value: 

The API responds to queries in JSON format.


Access to the protected endpoints is possible after successful authentication, which can be achieved with a bearer token or using the token as a query parameter.

  1. Passing the token to the “Authorization” header, in the following form:

Authorization: Bearer

  1. With query parameter in the URL:

“token=<rendszer által generált token>"

Return values:

In case of successful authentication, the system returns with an HTTP status of 200.

In case of unsuccessful authentication, the system returns with HTTP status 401.

Query price list

The price list is identified by the token, so all services associated with the used token and its price will appear in the response.

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/pricelist


institution_idnumberThe institution's unique identifier
professional_idnumberUnique identifier of the specialty
SpecializationstringThe field of study
sulo_szolgaltatas_idnumber | nullUnique identifier of the parent service
sulo_servicestring | nullParent service
servicestringThe name of the test
min_arnumberThe minimum price of the test
max_arnumberThe maximum price of the test
type_idnumberUnique identifier of the test type
typestringThe type of examination
linkstringBooking link for the test

Example answer:

{ "institution_id": 20000, "specialty_id": 500000, "szakterulet": "Arteriography", "type_id": 2, "type": "Adult", "link": "https://medicall.cc/idopontfoglalas/ on-cege/specializations?qualificationId=90035" }

Doctor list query

Accessing the doctor list "specialist_id" is linked to a parameter, so the list of doctors working in the given specialty can be easily filtered, thus the data can also be easily inserted into the subpage of the given specialty, with up-to-date doctor information.

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/doctors

The field ID can be obtained either from the Medio admin interface or from the price list API.

Thus, the doctor list can be called as follows:

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/doctors?szakterulet_id=30000

In appropriate cases, a doctor can practice in several institutions, so he can have several uploaded profile pictures in the system. The bearer token identifies the institution, so the API will only contain profile pictures belonging to the queried institution.


institution_idnumberThe institution's unique identifier
namestringThe doctor's name
profile picturestringThe URL of the doctor's profile picture
specialist areasstringSpecializations performed by a doctor
introductionstringIntroduction of the doctor
spoken languagesstringThe doctor's spoken languages
specializationsstringDoctor's specializations (HTML list) 
studiesstringDoctor's studies (HTML list)
institution_hatterstringThe doctor's (former) institutions (HTML list)
membersstringMemberships of the doctor (HTML list)
calendar_scriptstringThe doctor's calendar (iframe)
calendar_script_2stringThe doctor's calendar (iframe)
sequencenumberMedical order

Example answer:

    "intezmeny_id": 2000000,
    "nev": "Dr. Teszt B\u00e9la",
    "profilkep": "https:\/\/demo.com\/demo.jpg",
    "szakteruletek": "Allergol\u00f3gia, T\u00fcd\u0151gy\u00f3gy\u00e1szat",
    "bemutatkozas": "Dr. Teszt B\u00e9la vagyok csod\u00e1latos munk\u00e1t v\u00e9gzek.",
    "beszelt_nyelvek": "HU,EN",
    "specializaciok": "<ul><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>allergy demo<\/span><\/li><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>\u00a0allergy demo2<\/span><\/li><\/ul><p><br \/><\/p>",
    "tanulmanyok": "<ul><li><span style='font-size: 16px;'>Demo school<\/span><\/li><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>Demo 2 schools<\/span><\/li><\/ul><p><br><\/p>",
    "intezmenyi_hatter": "<ul><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>Demo institution - Demo doctor<\/span><\/li><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>Demo 2 institutions - Demo doctor 2<\/span><\/li><\/ul><p><br><\/p>",
    "tagsagok": "<ul><li><span style='font-size: 16px'>Demo Company<\/span><\/li><\/ul>",
    "naptar_script": "<iframe src='https:\/\/medicall.cc\/idopontfoglalas\/doktor24\/ifc2?currentInstitutionId=874&collector=1&doctorId=51619&qualificationId=90035&onlyGrouped=0&showAllSpecialization=1&simpleSelect=1' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='70px' class='medio-ifc2-iframe'><\/iframe><script src='https:\/\/medicall.cc\/static\/iframe\/ifcIframe.js'><\/script>",
    "naptar_script_2": "<iframe src='https:\/\/medicall.cc\/idopontfoglalas\/doktor24\/ifc2?currentInstitutionId=874&collector=1&doctorId=51619&qualificationId=90035&onlyGrouped=1&showAllSpecialization=1&simpleSelect=1' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='70px' class='medio-ifc2-iframe'><\/iframe><script src='https:\/\/medicall.cc\/static\/iframe\/ifcIframe.js'><\/script>",
    "sorrend": 2


The search API searches for the specified search term, in the name of examinations, in the name of doctors, and among specialties. 

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/search

The search waits for the search term in the "q" parameter

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/search?q=specialist+examination


namestringThe name of the studies that contain the search term
valuestringThe reservation URL of the tests that contain the search term

Example answer:

{ "name": "Allergological specialist examination", "value": "https://medicall.cc/idopontfoglalas/systemdoctor/doctors?specializationId=79710" }

Query institutions

The institutions API returns a list of institutions identified by the token.

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/institutions

institution_idnumberThe unique identifier of the institution belonging to the token
institution_namestringThe name of the institution belonging to the token
citystringThe city of the institution belonging to the token

Example answer:

{ "institution_id": 13, "institution_name": "MediCall Test HU", "varos": "Budapest" }

Inquiry of fields of expertise

The specializations API provides the specializations belonging to the requested institutions as a response.

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/specializations

The institution can be specified using the optional "institution_id" parameter, if not specified, it returns the specialties of all institutions belonging to the token.

GET https://app.kvery.io/query/api/8693db85ed9/v1.0.0/specializations?intezmeny_id=200000

institution_idnumberThe unique identifier of the requested institution
professional_idnumberThe unique identifier of the listed specialty
SpecializationstringThe name of the specialized field belonging to the requested institution
type_idnumberUnique identifier of the type for the field of expertise
typestringType of specialty
linkstringThe domain's booking URL

Example answer:

{ "institution_id": 20000, "specialty_id": 500000, "szakterulet": "Arteriography", "type_id": 2, "type": "Adult", "link": "https://medicall.cc/idopontfoglalas/ on-cege/specializations?qualificationId=90035" }

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