With this function, a periodical appointment break can be entered in the doctor's calendar. Here you can set holidays or other periods you want to exclude from the order.

Record reasons for exclusion

When setting up the Institution, the reasons for exclusion must be recorded with freely selectable color markings.

You can find Exclusions in the Doctors menu. Click on it to see the list of already set exclusions. When recording a new exclusion, click the New exclusion button. Enter the start and end of the exclusion period by specifying the date and hour minute. When entering the minute, enter a number divisible by five. Select the reason for the exclusion from the drop-down menu, a note can be optionally written, select the doctor or doctors who you want to set the exclusion during the order time. If the setting applies to all doctors, you will find the inscription All after the names of the doctors, clicking on it will exclude the possibility of booking an appointment in each doctor's appointment. Regularly repeating exclusions can also be specified with a setting, you can select the frequency of repetition from the drop-down menu. If the recurrence is periodic, you can determine the end of the regularity by date. At the end of parameter setting a Rescue by clicking the button, the setting is recorded in the list of exclusions and in the doctor's calendar.

Cancel exclusion

In the list of exclusions, click on the box at the beginning of the row of the exclusion you want to delete, uncheck it, and click the Delete selected button to remove the exclusion.

Edit exclusion

Exclusions can also be edited in the overview view with the appropriate authorization. By clicking on the excluded period, a window will pop up, where you can enter the change and the Rescue by clicking on the button, the data in the list of exclusions and in the doctor's calendar will be changed.

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