You can manage all your institutions in this menu item. You can edit, view existing ones or add new ones.

Add a new institution

In the Institutions menu item, all Institutions that belong to your authority are recorded. You can add a new institution to the system by clicking the Add institution button.

Contractual data

When registering a new Institution, it is necessary to enter company data and contact information. After saving, these data of the Contracting Party can no longer be edited. In that case, it must be deleted and added as a new Institution. You can see the name of the institution, its unique identifier, the status of the Medio and Premium Terms and Conditions. When entering the Company Name, you can choose from the existing ones, or you can add a new contractee to the system by clicking the Add button. When adding a new company, you will need contact information and filling in the company data Next by clicking the button, the data is recorded. By clicking on the Select File button, you can upload the company's own GTC or Privacy Statement.

Institution (site)

If a company has several institutions or locations, each location must be recorded separately. You can enter an introductory text in both Hungarian and English. The system sends confirmation emails from a central email address.

Booking settings

For reservations recorded on different interfaces, select the mandatory data. On the online patient appointment booking interface, the mandatory data can be set by clicking on the box in front of the required data. You can also enter the mandatory data in the case of an internal reservation. Also, set whether health portals or partner institutions can access the appointment booking interface. Specify whether automatic invoicing should occur for fees paid when booking an appointment. In this case, you also enter the data required to connect the invoicing program.


Upload a photo, logo of the institution, and set the colors used.

Treatment of reasons for exclusion

Here you can enter the reasons for exclusion required for the reservation, you can also specify the use of different colors. Exclusions that have already been added can be edited and deleted.

Search settings

Enter your google search settings.

Other informations

Here you can enter other information about the institution. THE by clicking the buttons, you can enter the data in both English and Hungarian. By holding the cursor on the question mark next to the name of the field, you can get help filling in the given field. By clicking in the box before the name of the health fund, you can tick off those with whom the Institution has a contract. Here you can add additional status options, you can also choose different colors. Enter the name of the new status in the field, select the appropriate color next to it and the Add can be recorded in the system by clicking the button.

After each entered or edited data a Rescue button must be clicked to record the changes in the system.

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