Doctor calendars

In the Doctor's calendars menu item, you can set the specialists' regular or extraordinary appointment times, or a combination of the two. Ordering periods can be divided within a day, and it is also possible to choose a doctor's office.


By clicking on the Doctor's calendars, the list of doctors becomes visible. For editing appointmentsre will a Calendar settingby clicking , you reach the Add Order interface. In the General weekly view, you can set a permanent, regular order time, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Turn on the days for which you want to set an order time, enter the exact duration. You can also choose an examination for a specific time period, clicking on All examinations shows all the doctor's recorded examinations. He can also provide the doctor's office. If you want to divide the order time into several parts within a day a +Order timeyou can do it by clicking

If the doctor does not have a regular appointment time or if you want to set an extra appointment time in addition to the regular one, by clicking on the Daily view, the system switches to calendar days, so you can set the necessary periods by seeing specific dates.

All times will be set by a Rescue save the settings to the system by clicking the button.

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