Doctor profiles

general information

In this menu item, you can record a new or edit the profile of an existing doctor.

Open doctor profile page

Add a new doctor

  1. Click at the top of the page, button to add a new doctor.

Look for the doctor's stamp number.

  1. Click on add a new doctor. After entering the chamber seal number, click on the Search button. You can also search by name, then click on the box in front of Does not have a stamp number to uncheck it and then click on the Search button. If the doctor you are looking for is already listed in the Medio system, it will be displayed and the Add button must be clicked. If it is not included in the system, click on the Add new doctor button.

Contact information

As a first step, you can select the doctor's title: Dr., Prof., Prof. Dr. or you can leave it blank, then enter the doctor's personal data.

Data appearing on the profile

You can upload an image to the doctor by clicking the Choose File button. Which section has this icon: , there you can enter separate data in Hungarian and English by selecting the appropriate icon. This means that, for example, the Hungarian text will appear on the Hungarian-language page, and the English introductory text will appear on the English-language page. From the drop-down menu for spoken languages, select the languages in which the doctor can perform examinations. In the Notification language, select the language in which the doctor receives a notification via the Medio system.

Institutions assigned to a doctor

Click on the Institution's name from the drop-down menu.

The Rescue by clicking the button, the doctor's data is recorded in the system.

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