Filter packages


In the Filter packages menu item, you can create filter packages for yourself, which will make it easier to reserve a filter package.


You can see the existing filter packs here.

By clicking on the "Details" button, you can see which tests belong to the given filter package.

By clicking on the "Change" button, you can change the tests belonging to the given filter package.

You can make a reservation for the given filter package by clicking the "Booking" button.

The icon, you can delete the given filter package from the system.

You can add a new filter package to the system by clicking the "New filter package" button.


In the "Institution" tab, you can select which institution uses the filter package.

You can enter the name of the given filter package in the "Filter package name" tab.

On the left side, you can see the possible items you can search for, and then click the box next to its name to select the specific test.

The designated examinations are carried out by the middle, by clicking the arrow, you can transfer them to the "Filter package composition" group, which will be included in the given filter package after saving.

The by clicking on the arrow, you can transfer all possible elements to the "Filter package composition" group.

Tests selected from the "Filter package composition" group are a you can remove it from the filter pack by clicking the arrow.

The click the arrow to remove all items from the filter pack.

You can finalize the settings with the blue "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


By clicking on the "Reservation" button, the system will redirect you to "Daily Reviewer” menu item, where you can book according to the filter.

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