According to the structure of the Medio system, a contract is created when the partner is registered. Institutions (sites) are connected to the contracting party, doctors to the institutions, and examinations to the doctors. 


By clicking on the Edit tests menu item, you will be taken to the screen below.

By clicking the "Delete selected tests" button, the tests marked in the action column will be deleted. 

By using the "Add new tests" button, you will be transferred to the Add tests menu item, a detailed description of which can be found in "Add new tests” interface. 

Three different operations can be performed with the tests: Edit, Duplicate, Delete. 

Click edit to change the data in the “Add new tests” interface. 

The Duplication menu item creates another copy of the test, so if you need to change a few data to record a new test, you should choose this option. 

Use the Delete button to delete the scan. 

By filling in the search field, you can narrow the set of results based on keywords.

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