Doctor's calendar management


Here you can see the dates of bookings for a specific Doctor.


You will find yourself on this page by clicking on the doctor's calendars menu item. 

Here, by clicking on the "Edit time points" button, you will be taken to the view below. 

Here you can see the free (green) and busy (red) times in the weekly view. You can cancel the reservation by clicking on the red ones.

You can edit the Doctor's data by clicking the "Edit data sheet" button. 

By clicking on the "set calendar" button, the following pop-up window will appear.

You can set the general weekly order times by clicking on the General weekly view tab. By checking the "use odd week" box above the save button, you can set alternative times for every other week. By clicking the Daily view button, you can set individual order times for each day. 


You can use the arrows to scroll through the calendar one week at a time.

Clicking on the calendar icon opens the Monthly view.

Here is YEAR MONTH DAY by clicking on , the annual view is displayed, so if necessary, you can easily book an appointment well in advance of the year.

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