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What should I do in Hungarian private healthcare, which is developing suddenly after the coronavirus epidemic, if I want to see and connect the IT processes?

How can I give the most to my private healthcare clients so that they feel the best and we provide the best?

How can I automate my existing processes and implement my new ideas?

For managers and employees of private clinics, the answer is clear: Medio Digital Clinic.

With our more than 200 private healthcare partners, we are constantly working to make their activities smarter, faster and automated: MORE EFFICIENT divorce.

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What functions does it help you with? the digital clinic?

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Our partners

They can respond to our needs with amazing speed. We are very satisfied with MEDIO
Prof. László Madácsy MD
Endo-Capsule Private Medical Center
The introduction of online appointment booking was a huge help. Medio team has put together a very good system!
Kálmán Fábian
Emineo Private Hospital
Medio is a well-designed system that has been a great help in developing online care management.
Péter Váradi MD
Prémium Health Fund

Medio Digital Clinic



Our most important feature: we keep all secrets because this is the only way we can be authentic to our partners, because we know: This is the only way our partners can be successful.


Quick and in-depth consultation and needs assessment

Assessment of the IT systems and processes used by your private clinic, an overview of its cooperation opportunities, the possibility of process development.


Integration and introduction offer

Tailored to your needs and clinic, we will put together a comprehensive integration and implementation offer for you.


Contract conclusion

Signing our cooperation agreement, of course with online support.



Implementation of the integration process described in the implementation plan and scheduled, connection and integration of the website, call center solution, medical system and other systems, setting up the Management Information System.



The introduction of the Medio Digital Clinic usually helps to rethink the working processes, so detailed training for the clinic's employees is an integral part of the introduction. According to our experience, this does not mean a large investment of time, because the Medio Digital Clinic is easier to manage than any other social media site.


Go Live

After activating the Medio Digital Clinic, your employees can save several hours a day from performing administrative tasks. The processes are connected and automated, and management members - including you - can see all important data and information. Of course, in relation to the operation of the system, it is a partnership our colleagues at our Customer Service are always available!

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Frequently asked questions by our new customers:

The Medio Digital Clinic system can be connected to any existing medical IT system. Thus, after matching, your medical system gives you the free examination appointments and the bookings are also returned there - but your colleagues only have to use one system: the Medio Digital Clinic.

Using the Medio Digital Clinic does not require any IT development on your part. The installation and the settings defined according to your needs are carried out by our own IT team free of charge.

After signing the contract, we set up the system, you only have one task: place the booking link on your website or integrate our own page - and the Medio Digital Clinic is ready for use!

After installation, our colleagues will carry out a detailed test process and then hold a system demonstration so that you and your colleagues can use the Medio Digital Clinic with confidence

Yes, the Medio Digital Clinic could be used without a medical system integration. In this case, the major difference is that we provide a unique calendar to set up opening hours.

The entire process takes a maximum of 2-3 business days.

Our telemedicine solution is the Medio Digital Clinic acts as its central element. Thus, it is sufficient for you to add a new video consultation service to the examinations, and it becomes immediately bookable for your customers. The Medio Digital Clinic recognizes this and manages the booking and payment process accordingly.

Online booking

Online payment

Laboratory module

Reception module

Customer management and patient management


Reception and patient management

Document management

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