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According to the structure of the Medio system, a contract is created when the partner is registered. Institutions (sites) are connected to the contracting party, doctors to the institutions, and examinations to the doctors. 

By pointing your mouse at the question mark icon behind the name, you will find a short description of the function.


Select the institution.

Enter the nature of the examination (On-site/video consultation/laboratory examination).

Name the field of expertise: carefully review the drop-down bar, if you do not find the field of expertise you are looking for, you can fix it by adding a new field of expertise.

Name the test: look through the drop-down bar carefully, if you do not find the test you are looking for, you can record it by adding a new test.

Select the doctor performing the examination: in the drop-down bar you will find all the doctors assigned to the institution.

Price the test.

Enter the length of the test.

Optionally, you can provide a test description, either in Hungarian or in English.


Select the payment method (Local/Online/Discounted online payment).

If the amount of the examination cannot be determined in advance, check the "Individual price" box, so that the text "Individual price" appears in the place of the examination fee

If you do not need the patient's address and billing data, switch the "Deactivate address and billing data" option to yes. 


The test settings found here are parameterized based on the existing tests, thus uniform within the institution.


During the reservation, the patient will receive the text message shown here in the confirmation e-mail. 

No address or signature is required, the text is inserted as part of a pre-formatted e-mail message!


The text message entered here will always be displayed on the calendar.

"Help for admin users" within the CallCenter module for receptionists.

"Calendar info" will appear on the booking interface on the patient side. It is worth mentioning here if, e.g. you must arrive on an empty stomach/arrive significantly earlier for the examination, e.g. due to anesthesia/the price is indicative

After completing the settings, click the save button. 

The examination has been registered to the institution, so the channel settings must be made in relation to it. 

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